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USB2.0 Type-A to Mini-B 5Pin (Product No.: EOC5101)


This USB 2.0 cable is suitable for connecting a PC/laptop to a USB-device (e.g. smartphone, tablet-PC, smartwatch, digital camera, bluetooth, external hard disk,...). It can be used as data or charging cable.


Noise suppression via ferrite core
Double shilding
Current wire is AWG #24 for fast charging
Gold plated contact pins
Robust and extreme resilient plugs

Delivery content:

One USB2.0 cable Type-A to Mini-B 5pin


2 years

Technical data
USB-Standard USB 2.0
Max. data rate 480 Mbit/s
Cable length: 0.5m to 5m configurable
Color Black
Shielding Double (Braid and foil)
Data wire Twisted
Noise suppr. Ferrite core (over 1m cable length)
AWG #28 data, #24 current
Conductor Copper
Plugs Nickel plated
Pins Gold plated
Diameter 4.0 mm